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Global To anyone thinking of starting new guild to farm candies... please read this...

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by wacky, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. wacky

    wacky Active Member

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    Mar 29, 2016
    consider joining one of these guilds (scroll to the bottom) first -- rather than creating yet another guild by yourself... because there seems to be an increasing number of guilds created just to farm candies (probably thanks to my guide on farming free candies) ... and for the sake of the whole community you might not want to create yet another guild and add to the competition... bear in mind that:

    - when there are more than 100 guilds compete in guild battles... there will be some guilds end up at the bottom and outside top 100...
    - and the likely ones that will end up in top 100 are the "almost dead" guilds who infrequently do guild battles... followed by "low level" guilds who don't have any high level members...
    - top 100 guilds get 3k candies at least... and top 1% gets 2k candies... BUT do remember that if we only have say 105 active guilds per month... means positions 101-105 are actually not even in top 90% to get any rewards...

    and having said that... if you feel that you have no problems hitting top 100 in guild battles regularly... feel free to go ahead and setup ur own guild... i am not discouraging everyone from setting up his/her own guild...

    however... my personal advice for newbies is to join one first... you can setup your own guild later if you are strong enough and have sufficient passion and dedication to run one...

    oh... and of cos you want your nubs to join guilds too... meaning that you first need to find a guild that will accept nubs too...

    here is a consolidated list of guilds (and their leader's forum name) that i believe are looking at farming candies and welcome any nubs... i suggest you could apply for them:
    CandyGuild (GM @nowaytolose) - http://pocketmaplestoryforum.com/threads/guild-skills-question-recruiting-candyguild.1899/
    Imagine (GM @Astrione ) - http://pocketmaplestoryforum.com/th...-classes-and-levels-we-do-guild-battles.1881/
    awesome1s (GM @aeb4547 ) - http://pocketmaplestoryforum.com/threads/guild-for-new-members-of-any-level.1866/
    Weekend (GM @Smurf Tyo ) - http://pocketmaplestoryforum.com/threads/weekend-is-recruiting.1865/
    Harmony (GM @Elchardian ) - http://pocketmaplestoryforum.com/threads/harmony.1815/
    (and of cos my guild AlwaysNoob is dedicated to farm candies too.. haha... but places are limited in my guild plus i am confident that i don't need this thread's help to attract members or maintain top100...)

    i hope this thread will be beneficial to all the guilds (especially the "low level" ones) who are dedicated to farming candies to find members as well as to maintain in top100 ranking every month...

    p.s - for other guilds who are into accepting any nubs in order for doing guild battle... feel free reply to this thread and add your guild name here...

    p.p.s - for any guilds added into this list and want to be out of it (by perhaps not wanting to get guild applications from nubs from any tom dick and harry) please either PM me or mention it here...

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  2. Shallow

    Shallow Member

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    Jul 27, 2016
    I think you have a good point there wacky. People can join my guild Misfit as well if they want candies. All my alts are in there besides my DB and Mechanic. And all my alts will be 150 in the coming weeks lol.
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  3. Olivea

    Olivea Well-Known Member

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    Dec 8, 2015
    Wacky nails it again :)

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