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How to not get 1-hit killed at LKC (AB)?

Discussion in 'Q&A' started by sparklie, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. sparklie

    sparklie New Member

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    Dec 5, 2016
    Hi I am angelic buster with 2 DEX 1 STR build, currently level 136... I have major problems completing quests at Lion King Castle maps so I am now back at Mushroom Kingdom auto-clicking at a super slow pace... It is very slow it only increases around 10% an hour, any ways to improve the situation??? :c
    If I try to go to Lion King Castle, the mob attacks are so weird, some mobs can even attack you when you are a platform below/above/ across it...Most kills in 2 hits.. Some even 1-hit kill me...I barely get to a safe spot
  2. LoiusXXI

    LoiusXXI New Member

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    Dec 31, 2016
    You can either get better equipment by focusing on mastery to improve your DEX and STR, or it is time to focus a bit more on your DEX. My opinion: You have reached LKC at a stage too early. Rest assure, it is very difficult to farm at LKC even for higher levels.
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